At Ivy & West, we are more than just “your required month-of coordinator”, we are the rockstar team who executes the vision you have planned into reality. Our team of talented coordinators piece together every detail you have planned and envisioned to flawlessly executing your one-of-a kind experience for you and your guests. Our clients are at the root and heart of each event that embodies their personality and special touches. 

Ivy & West is compiled of a team of friendly, organized, problem-solving and professional coordinators, we vow to listen and have your best interests at heart throughout the final stages of your wedding, so you can sit back and feel like a guest at your own wedding

“Ivy”, is derived from an Old English word. Ivy represents fidelity - ancient Greeks gave newlyweds an ivy wreath to symbolize their faithfulness to one another. It also symbolizes eternity and, as if anyone who has ever had the plant climbing a wall of their home, the notion of it sticking around forever feels accurate.

“West” represents our laid back and approachable vibes being that we are based here on the West Coast/Best Coast, and is where our Founding Team grew up. We are blessed with such beautiful outdoor venues here on the West Coast and could not ask for a more beautiful place to celebrate our couples.